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Wellcome to Cantika Health and Beauty
"Cantika"is the meaning of peaceful in Sanskrit. Cantika is located along of peacefull ricefield and the treatment is base on natural traditional Balinese treatment.Enjoy a relaxing massage, soothing facial, and restorative body treatment that will revitalize your body, mind and soul.

Cantika Health and Beauty products
The product of Cantika spa are originally homemade by only using natural ingredients such as herbs,flowers,leafs,fruits,seaweed and many other natural ingrediant directly from our garden.That will release tension, increase vitality,flexibility and create wholeness of body,mind and spirit that will bring peaceful to everydays of your beautiful day

Cantika Health and Beauty treatments

Full body massage (1 hour) =Rp.150,000
Deep tissue massage using our homemade oils, which contain natural ingredients from our garden to relax your muscles and give you an overall sense of well-being.

Full Body scrub (1 hour and 45 minutes) =Rp.225,000
a full body massage followed by a fresh homemade traditional scrub containing coconut,pandan arum,rice and other selected herbs to exfoliate your skin,leaving your skin rejuvenated and glowing.

Facial treatment (1 hour) =Rp.125,000
a traditional treatment using 100% natural ingredients to cleanse and purify your skin,we use traditional scrub to exfoliate your skin followed seaweed and clay mask that will smooth the skin. Enjoy a face ,shoulder and neck massage that will bath relax and revitalize.

Manicure treatment (25 minutes) =Rp.75,000
Cantika has lots of manicure ideas in different nail colors that combined with massage for your hands to be smooth and make your nails look beautiful.

Hair treatment (1 hour) =Rp.125,000
Your hair is washed using our homemade shampoo followed by a freshly made conditioning treatment of aloe vera,fruits and tekor-tekor leaf will leave you hair feeling relaxed and invigorated.
Cantika 1
JL.penestanan-kelod, Ubud-Bali.
Phone: +62 361 970135
Fax : + 62 361 970136

Cantika 2
JL.Sok wayah, Ubud-Bali.
Phone: +62 361 7944425
Fax : + 62 361 970136
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